04 November, 2006

Pataki Legal Advisor Sees Reason To Remove Hevesi

The special legal advisor looking into the Alan Hevesi case has found "valid legal basis" to recommend that Gov. George Pataki instruct the state Senate to begin removal proceedings against Hevesi.

Photo Credit: Associated Press

But, as Politics on the Hudson, reports, attorney David Kelley said in a report today he needs more time to study the case before he can make a formal recommendation in the so-called "Driving Mrs. Hevesi" scandal.

Yesterday, as the New York Times reports, Hevesi was ordred by state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to pay an additional $90,000 to the state after Spitzer's office determined the initial $83,000 Hevesi paid was not adequate to cover the costs the state incurred when Hevesi used a state employee as a driver for his wife.

The scandal has turned a blowout into a race as Hevesi struggles to fend-off his Republican challenger in the comptroller race - Chris Callaghan.

A Siena Research New York poll, released yesterday, shows Hevesi up by only four points, with about one in six voters still making up their mind a few days prior to the election. Hevesi holds a 39% to 35% lead in the poll, which he led last month by a 52% to 25% tally.

On the other hand, Hevesi has a bit more breathing room according to the final pre-election WNBC/Marist poll, also released yesterday. In that poll Hevesi is up by 12 point among likely voters.

All the other Democrats in statewide races, including Sen. Hillary Clinton in her bid for re-election, have gaping leads over their GOP opponents in both polls. In the closest of the other races - closest being a relative term - Andrew Cuomo has a 21-point lead over Jeanine Pirro in the race for attorney general.


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